At RS Academy, we aim to transform the after-school learning industry, and the potential is limitless.

And be part of this learning revolution.

β€œEducation is a tool to shape a human being, not just a means to earn a living.”

With a vision to empower students through holistic development, we founded RS Academy in 2019. We understood, very early on, that it takes a community of passionate and dedicated people to make a significant impact. We work hard to make our students realize their love for learning, by celebrating successes and nurturing their passion.

Founded and Led by

Sunaina Valecha, Co-founder and CEO

Meeth Malani, Co-founder and COO

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With the added Leadership of

With our very own Educators

With the Advisory Board of

All Educators are Superheroes and at RSA they are provided the Wings by

The ones who keep it all together!

Careers at RS Academy.