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Job Title: MathSci Maestro (aka Maths & Science Educator) 

Reports To: MathSci Director

Job Overview
As our MathSci Maestro, your mission is to captivate students with the wonders of both mathematics and science. Transform complex theories into engaging lessons, bringing the magic of numbers and the marvels of science to life. Unleash the power of Pythagoras and Newton on a new generation, making learning an exciting journey for all.

Who can apply?
• A Ph.D. in Mad Science is preferred; however, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in science education or a related field is also welcome.
• Minimum of 2 years of experience in creating and delivering captivating science lessons, preferably with hands-on, explosive demonstrations.
• Excellent communication skills to convey complex scientific concepts in a fun and engaging manner.
• A sense of humor and a willingness to embrace the unexpected, recognizing that science can be delightfully unpredictable.
• A passionate advocate for science education with a burning desire to ignite that same passion in students.
• Open to both Graduates and Post-Graduates, MathSci Maestro welcomes applicants with 2 years and above of experience, if you’re ready to infuse the magic of both mathematics and science into the minds of the next generation, let’s embark on a journey of creating mathemagical and scientific memories together!

Roles & Responsibilities
• Be the Ultimate Guide! Guide and support students of diverse ages and abilities in both mathematics and science, fostering a love for both subjects.
• Be the Examiner! Prepare students for exams in both mathematics and science, diligently tracking their progress to ensure academic success.
• Be the Boss of Fun! Manage classroom behavior effectively, infusing both math and science lessons with enthusiasm, creating engaging materials to make learning enjoyable.
• Be the Brainiac! Stay current with the latest knowledge in both mathematics and science, utilizing a wide range of learning resources to enhance understanding.
• Be the Wizard! Creatively select and utilize various resources and equipment, bringing a touch of magic to lessons in both mathematics and science.
• Be the Communicator! Keep parents well-informed about student progress and behavior in both subjects.
Collaborate with fellow professionals to create a holistic learning experience for students.
• Be the Innovator! Continuously seek new and exciting ways to teach and engage students, incorporating technology and interactive activities in both mathematics and science.
• Be the Mentor! Provide valuable guidance and support to junior educators in both mathematics and science, contributing to their professional development and enhancing the overall education in the school.

Employment Type
Full time, Work from office, 5.5 days per week (11AM – 8PM)

Kumara Park & Any RSA learning center across Bangalore

1 June 2024

From 4.8 LPA

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