"Your Journey of School gets Better here..."

A one stop learning centre where learning is fun, inclusive and more importantly holistic.

At RSACADEMY,  the child enjoys their journey of school and beyond.

3 Reasons to Choose RSA today!

Excellent Educators

Dedicated teachers with inclusive teaching styles, adaptable to diverse learning needs.

Personalised Learning

Tailored lesson plans and strategies to meet individual academic requirements.

Academics and Beyond

Comprehensive education encompassing communication and life skills for holistic development.


We can learn
anything together

We bring all subjects, boards, languages under one roof, being a true ‘EVERYTHING CENTRE’.

"The whole delivery (group size, individual attention, pace and format of the material, social interactions, targets etc) meets my daughter's learning profile perfectly. That is to say that what they do for her is what they seem to do for everyone, that is to meet the individual's needs."

Ruby Sharma


Life Skills

Be the real you

Our life skills program is akin to fine-tuning every aspect of learning, enriching academics and holistic growth, much like Batman refining his arsenal or Jarvis optimising Ironman’s capabilities. Think of it as a personalized finishing school, tailored for kids, adults, schools, and corporate settings. It’s the ultimate toolkit for success, shaping individuals into well-rounded achievers equipped to conquer tomorrow’s challenges.

Joining RSA in grade X was one of my best decisions. The Life Skills I learnt at RSA helped me metamorphose into an independent and empowered woman. It shaped my personality to exhibit visible differences especially when it comes to decision-making. I’ve learnt that empathy is the secret of real elegance and that my power lies in conserving my individuality because I am unique and incomparable. Taking up this training at RSA is like choosing a connecting flight; one can choose any destination per their dreams because RSA has enabled them to do so!

Ria Asrani

Student, St. Joseph's Degree College

RSA Play

Show us your other side

We believe your creativity and sportsmanship shouldn’t fade amidst life’s daily routines. That’s why our program is a playground for your passions, blending fun extracurricular activities seamlessly. It’s about unleashing your inner dynamo, turning the mundane into moments of magic. Just like adding a splash of color to a grayscale canvas, we’re here to infuse your journey with vibrancy and energy.

Sending my kid to RSA Play is one of the smartest things I’ve done. My son comes back tired and dirty yet happy and resilient. He always returns with more skills than what he had in the morning. RSA in my perspective is the only institute that enables fun learning in a true sense.




Where you unleash your inner scientist

Science isn’t about rote learning, it is about applying those concepts and appreciating the magic that this beautiful nature works on! At Scientastic, we bridge the gaps between theory and practical. Your child performs them, on his own, under the guidance of our science wizards, of course!

Very good experience for my 6 year old daughter, she loved the hands experiments and am glad the RSA team did their best. superb way of articulation and teaching.

Ekta Bhandari


RS Foundation

Everyone deserves
to learn

We make education accessible and inclusive for everyone as our very own way of giving back to society. You too can, join hands with us.

Thank you madam. I have been unable to walk since birth. I gave a grade 10 exam in Private and took classes with the SSLC connect online app for free. The teaching is so wonderful , simple and effective. Genuine teachers.

Sam Jenil

SSLC candidate


Where we digitize our knowledge
for your comfort

The pandemic taught us that the internet is our friend in disguise. Therefore, RSA App is our way of bringing in the technology in education such that your child is able to access all sources by a simple tap on their phone.

The app has latest questions as per the syllabus. It helped me prepare for exam style questions.



We Acknowledge, Appreciate and Celebrate every act of Goodness in you.

You are so we are. Official Humans of RSA.

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