RSA Play, where the other part of education comes alive.

Relax, enjoy, and explore your inventive side with RSA’s range of science, magic, art and theatre workshops. Re-discover the performer in you, with the platform that we provide! Explore the dramatic colours of copper sulphate and the thrill of public speaking. You continue to be a superhero, and let us be your sidekick. Iike Jarvis for Ironman, like Batcomputer for Batman, like… get the drift! With RSA Play, we enable you to tap into the potential you didn’t even know you had.

Feel the curiosity of a scientist and the thrill of a performer with our co-curricular activities! Our enjoyable classes help students spend their leisure time productively, shaping their personalities while they’re at it.

Whether it is a small get-together or a celebration en masse, we are there for you. From creating a Winter Wonderland to a Gryffindor’s Common Room, let us host your birthday parties, so your kid could have their Elsa and Anna moment!

Discover new interests, make lifelong friendships with peers from all around the city and have plenty of fun every step of the way. With our massive camps, we invite you to a festival of fun learning!


Learning while having fun is one of the cardinal virtues by which we function. Through RSA Play we enable everyone to do the same. Our philosophy encourages the development of a holistic personality while exploring the natural world and engaging children in activities which enable them to learn the ideals of co-existence, sportsmanship and good will.
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