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Job Title: Math Wizard (HOD – Maths)

Reports To:Chief of Academic Excellence (Head – Academics)

Job Overview
Are you a Math-loving wizard with a talent for enchanting and inspiring students? We’re seeking a Maths Magician (HOD – Maths) to join our team of magical educators! As our Maths Magician, you’ll cast enchanting spells to create a captivating curriculum that meets national and state standards while also incorporating technology and interactive activities.You’ll guide a team of Maths educators and manage classroom behavior with your magic wand.

Who can apply?
• Bachelor’s degree in Math or equivalent magical powers, we want you!
4 + years of experience casting spells and enchanting students with their Math knowledge.
• Creative problem-solver with a love of all things mystical and a passion for Math education.
• Familiarity with modern teaching methods (proficient in casting digital spells)
• Excellent communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills (mastered spells for effective communication and collaboration)

Roles & Responsibilities
• Lead and guide a team of Maths educators, ensuring that they have the support and resources they need to teach effectively.
• Manage and oversee the development and implementation of the Maths curriculum..
• Monitor and evaluate student progress and work with educators to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions.
• Foster a positive and engaging classroom environment, managing behavior and creating fun and interactive lessons.
• Communicate regularly with parents, providing feedback on student progress and collaborating with other professionals to enhance learning outcomes.
• Provide mentorship and support to junior Maths educators to help them improve their teaching skills and advance their careers.
• Fill in for absent educators and take classes when needed to ensure continuity of learning.

Employment Type
Full-time, Work from Office

Kumara Park or Sahakarnagar

1 Jun 2023

From 4.8 LPA upto 6 LPA

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