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Job Title: Syntaxsaur (Sr. English Educator)

Reports To: English Wizard

Job Overview
As an English teacher, you get to be a linguistic wizard, a grammar guru, and a master of storytelling all at once! Your job is to ignite your students’ love for language, helping them navigate the intricacies of grammar, syntax, and literary analysis with ease. With your guidance, they’ll become eloquent speakers, persuasive writers, and captivating storytellers.

Who can apply?
• If you can recite Shakespearean sonnets in your sleep, then we want you!
• If you’re a grammar geek who corrects everyone’s punctuation in your free time, then you’ll fit right in.
• If you’re a creative genius who can turn a dull essay prompt into a masterpiece of literature, then we want to hear from you (aka 3 years of experience & above).
• If you’re a pop culture aficionado who can use references to Harry Potter, Friends, and Marvel movies to teach English, then you’ll fit right in with our students.
• If you’re a lover of all things language-related, including learning new words from different languages, and have a collection of language-learning apps on your phone, then you’ll be right at home in our English department.

Roles & Responsibilities
• Be the ultimate guide! Teach and support students of different ages and abilities.
• Be the examiner! Prepare students for exams and track their progress to ensure success.
• Be the boss of fun! Manage classroom behavior and create engaging lessons and curriculum materials.
• Be the brainiac! Keep up-to-date with subject knowledge and utilize learning resources.
• Be the wizard! Select and use different resources and equipment to teach.
• Be the communicator! Keep parents in the loop, collaborate with other professionals, and organize extracurricular activities to enhance learning.
• Be the innovator! Constantly seek new and exciting ways to teach and engage students in English concepts, including incorporating technology and interactive activities.
• Be the mentor! Provide guidance and support to junior English educators and assist in their professional development to help improve overall English education in the school.

Employment Type
5.5 days per week (11AM – 8PM)

Kumara Park

1 Jun 2024

From 4.8 LPA

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