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Job Title: Scienctastic Ninja (aka Practical Science Trainer)

Reports To: Chief Scientastic Officer

Job Overview
We’re looking for a Practical Science Trainer to join our team. As a Scientastic Ninja, you’ll be responsible for leading hands-on, engaging science workshops for students of all ages. You’ll use your creativity and scientific expertise to design experiments and activities that are both educational and entertaining.

Who can apply?
•   Are you a science fanatic with a degree in science or something similar?
•   Can you mix things up and blow minds (in a good way!) with your teaching?
•   We want someone with 0-2 years of experience in the lab or classroom who can make complicated concepts simple, clear, and downright entertaining!
•   And, of course, a sense of humor is a must! If you love all things quirky, fun, and science-y, then we want you on our team!

Roles & Responsibilities
•   Blow minds with your out-of-this-world science workshops that’ll leave students starstruck.
•   Cook up interactive activities so captivating, students will think they’re in a sci-fi flick.
•   Prep your gear with the precision of a ISRO mission control room, and keep it clean enough for the kids to eat off of.
•   Lead group discussions and experiments like a wacky professor, minus the lab coat.
•   Evaluate like a boss and upgrade your science game with mad-scientist-level tweaks.
•   As the conductor of our science mischief, you’ll need to be a creative genius who can come up with wacky ways to teach our students the fundamentals of science.
•   Your organizational skills must also be top-notch, since you’ll be responsible for leading cutting-edge experiments and activities that will keep our students on their toes.

Employment Type
Full-time, Work from Office, 5 days per week (Sat & Sun is working)

Any RSA learning centre across Bangalore

27 Mar 2023

3.3 LPA

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