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Job Title: हिंदीस्थानी (aka Hindi Educator)

Reports To: Chief of Academic Excellence

Job Overview
Do you dream in Hindi, sing in Hindi, and even think in Hindi? Are you a Jedi Master of the Hindi language with the power to wield grammar rules like a lightsaber? If so, we need you to join our team! As our Hindi Educator, you will use your magical powers to captivate our students and charm them with your love for the language.

Who can apply?
•   Hindi language expertise that’s sharper than a cactus spell and a deep understanding of its grammar, vocabulary, and cultural context.
•   0 to 2 years of experience in teaching Hindi to learners of all ages and skill levels.
•   Creativity and flexibility in creating spellbinding lesson plans.
•   A love for all things magical and a willingness to explore unconventional and quirky teaching methods.

Roles & Responsibilities
•   Be the ultimate guide! Teach and support students of different ages and abilities.
•   Be the examiner! Prepare students for exams and track their progress to ensure success.
•   Be the boss of fun! Manage classroom behavior and create engaging lessons and curriculum materials.
•   Be the brainiac! Keep up-to-date with subject knowledge and utilize learning resources.
•   Be the wizard! Select and use different resources and equipment to teach.
•   Be the communicator! Keep parents in the loop, collaborate with other professionals, and organize extracurricular activities to enhance learning.

Employment Type
Full-time, Work from Office, 5 days per week (Sat & Sun is working)

Kumara Park or Sahakarnagar

1 Jun 2023

4.2 LPA

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