Story of RS Academy

Apart from ensuring academic success through our after-school tuition centres, we ensure the holistic development of every child that walks in through our doors. We strictly intend to provide every child with a safe space for the expression of their difficulties and ample opportunities for young people to kick start their careers in the education industry.

“The journey to fun learning”

Finding a tuition centre in the city is simple, but finding one that moulds itself according to the needs of its students, is next to impossible. Your search ends here, at RSA. We focus on designing our methods and teaching strategies according to each student’s abilities and understanding, all while making the atmosphere fun, approachable and friendly.

Available and accessible to all; we make learning effective and impactful.

"Transforming communities"

The social wing of RSA is our way of providing “refined” education to the community without limiting a student’s accessibility to quality study material and doubt-solving sessions. We do this by employing expert educators who challenge, motivate and inspire each student. We strongly believe in Educational Equality, which is why we are contributing to this transformative impact.

Every legacy begins somewhere. This could be ours, together.

"Fostering creativity"

We believe that a child’s sportsmanship and artistic abilities should not be limited to the playgoard or art class, but best fostered in the real world. At RSA, we promote the culture of engaging in fruitful activities so that leisure time is spent making memories. Inspiring students to participate in sports and various forms of art fosters creative thinking, which in turn improves cognition.

Come, be part of this refined educational journey. We can’t wait to have you along!

"How we got here. "

Sunaina, our founder, realised a few years ago that teaching was her true calling. The poor quality of education provided by regular tuition centres when our co-founder, Meeth, decided to send her son to one also played a role. They were tutoring the students of a nearby community school when the idea of creating an environment where quality education was imparted and hard work was appreciated, struck them. That’s when the seed of the idea for RSA was planted.

"Bringing it home."

The students initially came to study at Sunaina’s and Meeth’s residences, which quickly became unable to accommodate larger batches due to the growing popularity of the quality of teaching. Sunaina teamed up with Meeth to establish Refining Skills Academy, with the sole goal of curating education through the lens of the student by providing quality tutoring experiences, while also giving back to the community the access to refined education.

Our Mission

To empower learners and help them become better today, and become world leaders tomorrow. We truly believe in the motto of “You can be who you want to be”.

Our Vision

Is to build a better society by strengthening young minds. We believe that there is always something to learn and many skills that can be refined.

Current Happynings

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